Error 0xc000001d when launching UE4 editor V4.4.3

Purchased UE4 today and have not be able to start it. Originally had issues tying to install saying it needed SP1 on windows 7 Sp1 is now installed and working and the engine is installed.
After downloading and installing the engine i have gone in the launcher which works fine, but going launching the program pressing the yellow Launch unreal engine 4.4.3 button the following message appears Error 0xc000001d.
I have looked over all other errors but they seem to be on previous versions.
I should meet the system requirements with 16 gb ram and a 3.5 ghz i7 4770k.
is there anything that any one can do to help me ! i have payed for this and want to use it.

Hi ,
The other threads that deal with the 0xc000001d error code seem to have been resolved after SP1 was installed. It sounds like you already did that. Did your computer prompt you for a restart after the install of SP1? Does it still fail to run after a restart?

i have managed to resolve the issue. apparently another set of windows patching was required. thank you.