Error 0x5230 on Reproject Model Command

Hello Again,

I’m encountering a bug that’s hard to reproduce, but has been happening a bit more. Through CLI, I import a low poly model into a project that has a high poly model and begin texture reprojection.

Sometimes, RC will halt on an error, stating the models are corrupted. They’re most definitely not as I’ve checked the integrity using the tool. In my logging system, there is some more detail though it’s too cryptic. Can someone from the RC team clarify? Thank you

I assume there might be some access violation for the model file.

Hi Quantum Theory,

is it happening still with the same model? Or is it quite random error?

Where did you correct your model?

It’s a random error. The model is never corrected because there is nothing wrong with it. I’ve run the check model reconstruction and it’s ok. I simply re-run the process and it’s fine.