Errant Worlds - New Procedural tools for spawning, foliage, landscape, and roads

Hey fellow devs,
Errant Worlds is a set of procedural tools for creation of large maps in Unreal Engine.
They allow you to leverage procedural generation while maintaining artistic control.

Errant Worlds is split into three plug-ins: Biomes, Landscape, and Paths.

They allow you to quickly create a vast terrain made of thousands of stamp brushes, simulate the erosion, cover it with foliage, grass, and other biomes of your design, and connect it with roads, paths, and other spline-based networks.


  • Procedural generation with precise artistic control
  • Quick iteration thanks to GPU acceleration
  • Optimised for team work
  • Seamless integration with Unreal as new Editor Modes
  • Offline and runtime spawning
  • Programmable, allows for custom logic
  • Integrates well with all the built-in tools and systems
  • Non-destructible workflow
  • Spawns all kinds of objects - instances, foliage, decals, blueprints, lights, FXs, sounds, gameplay elements

Check out our website for more info and feel free to ask questions here.


Full trailer:

Tutorial for Errant Biomes:

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Just too expensive. Plain and simple. All these abilities will probably be in future UE releases. I love it and I have seen few assets that have excited me so…but if its impossible to get, especially in this economy than its useless to me.