Erm... what on earth is going on here..

I cannot for the life of me figure out how this is even possible?

This is just a Player Controller, which inherits from my custom Player Controller class and doesn’t do anything particularly special. But, when I open the blueprint if it, it ticks even though there’s no instance of it… I mean wut. It’s the only class it seems to occur with.

Surely this is a massive bug right? I found this on Answerhub but it’s old[4.7.6] Player controller tick event fires in editor - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums

EDIT: I’ve figured out how to stop it, but it’s still weird. Go into the ‘Viewport’ tab and make sure that ‘Realtime’ is OFF. Doing that will stop the tick event firing, but I don’t even understand why it would be happening anyway?? I just added a breakpoint, and it’s also running my C++ code too?!

EDIT #2:
To stop this behaviour I literally had to override the Tick function in C++ and add this, before calling Super::Tick() and everything else:

if (GetWorld()->IsGameWorld())

Also overrode this, to no avail.

virtual bool ShouldTickIfViewportsOnly() const { return false; }

I also got that problem a while ago. It just happens from time to time :cool:

That is **** funny.

Maybe Epic is building some sort of supercomputer AI into Unreal Engine.
Eventually all you have to do is open the editor and it will start making a game on its own.

Look at the bright side. Now, with your editor’s special power you can create in-editor games.
Perfect for bored devs.