Erase alignment and distortion info

Is it possible to erase all prior results for distortion and alignment results of a specific image/camera?
Is it enough to erase it from all components?

Hi Götz

can explain what need to solve ?

Hi Wishgranter,

I’m just still fighting with the false distortions.
It seems like when I managed to solve one, two new ones pop up.
I wanted to start from scratch without losing all the CPs.
It seems as if erasing all components does the trick…
I took a chunk of images with the troubled one and aligned them with lens and distortion grouping separately and it worked a dream - all CPs are now lower than .5 !!
Now I just have to convince the big project to cooperate… :smiley:

Related to that: is it possible to spot mis-distorted images without browsing through all of them?
Like sorting by brown3 or something?

I just made a testrun:
Created a new projects with a bunch of images including a mal-distorted one.
Erased all components, grouped the images and aligned.
Everything is perfect.
Export registration.
Import this into the earlier created project with the one problem image.
Run anothe alignment (no grouping).
The result is, that now the problem image is fine but therefore another one wrong.
That is really getting to me.
Is there no way to control this?
Should I start experimenting with locking the cameras that I think are all right?

Kind of related to this… What settings are required to optimise all of the grouped cameras to have identical distortion parameters calculated? That would avoid excessively distorting the odd image (they probably won’t align). I think I’m missing something…

Hi Ben,

by double-clicking on “images” you get an option menu with 3 buttons.
You can either try Group, which will create average distortion parameters for all cameras with the same exif focal length.
If they are all the same and you know distortion parameters, you could also try Constant - but I haven’t tried it myself.
Alternatively, you can select as many cameras as you like and asign groups manually by giving them the same number in the options (selected input): Calibration group and Lens group. I think the value should not be 0 and -1 means individual (standard).
It has also been discussed here: Image distortion error?
Hope that helps!

I’d also set the defaults to group cameras by EXIF when they’re added but it seems to eventually end up with different settings for cameras within the group. Adding new cameras to the group after running an alignment. Will have to watch more closely if I get to buy it for work :wink: