Eradicator v2

The next level to the Eradicator mod series… with full automatic action. This mod is essentially my Eradicator v1.0 mod, but with the effects applied to an Assault Rifle, rather than a pick-axe.


  • Removed durability decrease when fired
  • Removed durability decrease when used (CTRL)
  • Increased CTRL damage to 99999



An admin tool for demolishing structures; also works on players and dinosaurs. Cannot be removed from player inventory and is not available to normal players. Perfect for destroying abandoned bases and inappropriate structures!

This tool comes with a custom texture (which is actually a dinosaur egg texture!).

This mod is active on:

Spawn Commands:
cheat giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/Mods/EV2/PrimalItemAmmo_EV2rocket.PrimalItemAmmo_EV2rocket’” 50 1 false

cheat giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/Mods/EV2/PrimalItem_EV2Rifle.PrimalItem_EV2Rifle’” 1 1 false


  • Cannot be dropped by admin (dropping destroys)
  • Cannot be taken from admins’ inventory
  • Custom texture
  • Compatible with other mods
  • Clean mod - does not replace any existing server files
  • Compatible with future updates
  • Stackable mod
  • Compatible with both Windows and Linux based servers

Single Player / Local Installation:
Simply subscribe to the mod and it will be automatically installed; just select this mod from the menu and use the command provided. If you play on a server with this mod installed, you will automatically download it when you join the server.

Server Installation:

  1. Subscribe to the mod, and verify that it is installed at “\PATH TO STEAM\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods”. There should be a file named “499751025.mod” and a folder named “499751025”.

  2. Upload these files to your server at “/PATH TO ARK SERVER/ShooterGame/Content/Mods”. Now that the mod is installed on the server, we need to activate it in the launch settings.

3a. Assuming you have no other mods installed, Locate your server start script and and add “/Game/Mods/499751025/EV2Mod?listen?ModId=499751025”

3b. If you already have another (or multiple) mods installed, you just need to add the mod ID (499751025) to your start script, separating mods with a comma. The mod furthest to the left will take priority. For example “ModID=MOD#1,MOD#2”.

Everything is installed; restart the server and you can use the command to summon the Eradicator. Feel free to leave feedback below.


  • The Eradicator is not yet compatible with PvE environments; will update when possible.
  • If you are having issues with the mod not working, but your server is showing up as a Custom ARK; ensure that both the 499751025 FILE and the 499751025 FOLDER are both in your MOD FOLDER.