Equivalent to Unity's Canvas

Bit of a noob when it comes to creating GUIs in Unreal. Coming from Unity where the Canvas is an integral part of the application and with 100s of tutorials on how to use Canvas I am a bit lost.
I need to simply create an editor gui for PIE mode with buttons and sliders controllable via Blueprint.
Having the gui also work in a packaged executable is optional but not necessary.

Where do I start?


I don’t have a full answer as I’m myself not completly fluent in UI from unreal but what you want will most likely be found in the widget documentation.

More broadly you can also check the UMG documentation section.

I hope this is helpful, sorry I don’t have more precise answers.

Edit: If you want this to have more control over editor stuff you can use editor widgets as well.


Thank you for the links and info.

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Depending on your application needs another option is to keep the UI in Python while calling all the UE functions you need through that. I am currently playing with this in Pyside6. Of course this might not be the route you want if you prefer to dock-able windows and more Editor button functionality that isn’t all Python related. Mine is a bit the opposite, where I have a lot of outside interaction of Unreal with my other Python Apps, so using a Python GUI makes a bit more sense for me.