Equivalent of map insert in TMap?

I have a TMap that I need to copy the contents of another TMap into. If I was using vanilla C++ STL’s map class, I could use the insert method to do this, but I don’t see an equivalent in Unreal’s TMap class so I was wondering what the correct approach would be. I see that there is an override of the = operator, but the documentation doesn’t really describe its semantics. Will it delete anything previously in the TMap being copied to? Is this a deep or shallow copy, what happens to the contents of the original TMap, etc. Considering how much trouble I have trying to grok pre C++11 template stuff, I’m having even less success trying to understand the underlying template structures that Unreal uses that take advantage of C++11.

I’m new to C++11 but this looks like a C++11 move signature to me. If it’s like std::move (which I suspect it is - Move Semantics:

The TMap you pass in will have it’s contents “stolen” and have its pointers set to null.

Try it and inspect it in the debugger :slight_smile:

Hoping someone more knowledgeable can chime and correct me.

If you’re looking to replace the existing map you can use =. Otherwise if you’re looking to add the contents of the map in to the other map you should use Append.