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Our team is currently doing amazing with the upcoming development of Legion: The Eternal War a sandbox survival MMORPG built using SpatialOS, Xsolla & of course the best part Unreal Engine 4.
We are looking to expand our team and take this development to the next level.

What’s in it for you? First, a piece of the company. Yes, equity shares.
Secondly, we will pay you, just once we have boosted sales.

Okay, money is important… Money NOW is even more important. Listen, we are almost there.
On average we are making 100 - 150USD per customer and with your help and the other new members, we can boost sales upwards to 2000$ - 5000$+ USD monthly. Which will be enough to pay our team and expand the company even further.

Your efforts and time combined with our already skilled team could lead to this business generating thousands of dollars monthly. All being used to strengthen our core and bring the project to the next level. The current team is amazing, the idea is solid and we are all looking to succeed.

Our website is
Currently, we are facing some type of malware on our website so please excuse if you see some type of advertisement. We are looking into it right now and having our website scanned top to bottom… Not sure what happened… must have been a WordPress plugin we installed.

Here are the team members we are looking to add to the project:

  • A certified art team to start replacing our game assets (we are currently using placeholder assets) - This is a limitation that has delayed our Kickstarter… Once we replace the games demo assets we will definitely be launching a Kickstarter campaign.
    (3D modelers, animators, riggers, 2D artists, level designers, and more… please apply if you are interested and if we get back to you then great :))

  • Additional Programmers - Please only apply if you have experience with UE4 and you understand networking. This is an online game. We are using SpatialOS.

  • WordPress Web Developers / Web Developers - We need to redesign our website so it looks beautiful and feels amazing. We also need maintenance and optimization.

  • Voice Actors - We are ready for you! please send an email if you’re interested.

  • UX/UI designers/artists - We need you!

  • Music/Sound - Feel free to apply. We are currently using FMOD and have a team but they may welcome you on board!

  • Marketing Manager / Promotion Manager / Social Media Manager / Traffic Generator / Sales Closer / Community Growth Specialist / Game Promoter / Affliating Marketing Manager ETC… Apply!

  • Human Resources Hiring Manager / Business Manager / A person who helps makes sure everything gets done and keeps the team organized - We have a professional writer to assist you… You will be an essential member of the team, working alongside all members, and keeping everyone focused and productive.

  • Public Relations - We will need you to send emails, communicate with article publishers, journalists, give away websites, discord community’s, gamer community, and handle all outside communication needed to keep this project healthy.

  • Google ads / Facebook ads manager - This may be a separate role depending on who we can find. You will be given a monthly balance to spend on marketing… try your best to bring the best results.

  • User Experience Manager / Developer - Play the game, help make corrections to ensure legion is the best version of itself that could possibly exist.

Have any thoughts on roles we did not consider that may be essential? (Accounting roles, financial roles, anything… please apply! We will definitely consider your application!)

Please send emails to [EMAIL=“”] Thanks, We look forward to meeting you!!