Equipping two weapons


I would like to be able to equip 2 pistols in my game. I already have animations, just need to have the pistols equipped, but not sure how.

Should I have a blueprint with two pistols or is it possible to spawn a different pistol in each hand (which would really please me) and treat them as different objects?

The projectile spawning is managed by anim notifies, at this point I am not sure how to call it in different objects since they have the same muzzle socket name.

Thanks for the help!

Thanks! Its actually simpler than I thought!

yea its not too hard to get done let me know if you get it working or if you need more help. i had trouble with sockets when i first started so i can totally understand.

I will reference you to take a look at my answer on this post. Only, do it with two seperate weapons, and make a second variable for your second equipped weapon. It really is up to you and how you want your game to feel and play. Unreal is the best because you get the freedom to do it one way, the other, the other, or infinite more to change the feel per game :slight_smile:

i would spawn them as two seperate items and attach them to sockets in the hands. as for the muzzle sockts you will need to get a reference to them, the easiest way i can think of is to assign them to a variable when you spawn them so spawn in pistol left and assign that to variable leftwep. this way you can get the reference and from there access the individual muzzle you want.