Equipment System?

Need some help setting up an equipment system, i already have a system for the inventory but i’m unsure how to translate the data, what would be a good way to set up an equipment system thats purely statistical i.e it won’t change the appearance of the character its equipped to and will only effect the characters stats like health or mana? Thanks in advance for the help and please be as detailed as possible as i’m still quite new at this :slight_smile:

Well you gotta tie it into the HUD, so if that’s not set up, do that. Though I doubt you’d be at this point without functioning bars.

What I’d do is to have a variable for health subtraction/addition and another one for mana. Then whenever you’re taking damage, you subtract the default amount of damage and ADD the health sub/add variable, then plug it into your actual health variable. Do the same for mana, whatever system you have for it. And for gaining health, you just gotta figure out the math.

For different equipment to change the variable just set the variable and if you do it right it’ll give you the perfect values.