Equipment System with Enchantment Feature

Can’t wrap my head around how to set up an equipment system. I would like the Weapon besides base stats to randomly have options ( +Critical Damage, +Critical Rate, +Attack speed, +Additional Attack, +Durability, etc.) based on Rarity.
As an example: Legendary would have 5/5 options, Epic would have random 4/5, Rare 3/5, Uncommon 2/5 and Common 1/5…
Second thing I need help with is equipment be enchantable (+1, +5, +9, etc).

If using data table do I have to create EVERY possible arrangement for every weapon with every enchantment? That would mean hundreds of just Rarity/Option Combinations for just 1 Item…I know there should be a better way, but I don’t know how… please help.