Equip Weapons using Numbers

Hello everybody , i need your help …i want to create Equip weapon using numbers like 1 equip rifle and so on and if i have a weapon and pressed 2 change the current weapon with the other one … i tried to do something like that but i have faced a lot of problems so i want your help in something like this … so please help me in this i have rifle , sniper , pistol and i want to make this system …

Hint : my weapon system was implemented by tutorial from youtube of SG Unreal Creation of Third person shooter from scratch series
hope you can help me … thank you in advance :slight_smile:

If you followed a tutorial and it is not working, then this can be due to many reasons. Watch the tutorial parts again where the key assignment is explained.

Did you set input keys in project settings? Did you set sockets on your skeleton, and have the attach logic properly setup?

But the tutorials don’t contain the Equip system by numbers it has something else … i want to create it but it’s not shown in tutorials and i use input keys not set in projects … i use it like 1 or 2 without giving it names in input keys

What you could do is download the Shooter Game from the Learn panel of the Launcher, and have a look at that logic (I think it uses keys, but not sure). Also this free inventory system uses a hotbar with keys, it seems.…ventory-system

Without more info I can not provide more. If you have blueprints and post some screenshots people might be more able to assist you.

i will upload some screenshots about my blueprint … but tomorrow as it’s on my pc and i will provide more information about it as i tried to use the Shooter Game and it uses 1 and 2 system but i couldn’t find the parent blueprint i only found the child one but some screenshots and video shows the system i tried to make …