Equal rotator problem please help


What i am trying to do here is to get a relative rotation of an actor (the root component is getter from actor cast ) on Y axis.And i want if the rotation of the actor is 90 ±1 on Y axis to fire some event on branch true.And for that reason i put 1.000000 tolerance, so if its 90 or 91 it still be considered as true( if i’am not wrong how these tolerance values are added to rotation values)

The problem is if the actor rotation is 90 or 91 on Y axis its still considering it as false.
Can anyone help?


split the outcoming of your setted “get relative rot” and just get the Y Float instead of the whole rot and make a “nearly equal(float)” bool into that branch with the single Y coordinate … maybe its buggy to use a whole rot because its checks every rot for its value before it gives you a true

Hello, Erytriel

Thanks for the fast reply.

I have tried it, but its still a false with the default rotation tolerance, if i set the rot tolerance 1.000000 then always is true, no matter if Y value is 0 or 150, every random value is considered as true.
Also is this the correct way to set Nearly equal A transform and B?


I’ve manage to find a way to make it work. First i store the rotation with rotator variable in the desired object. Then instead of getting root component from casting actor i get this rotator variable. Then  nearly equal transform and for A pin make transform and then for rotation i plug this getter variable from the casted actor.Then i find desired rotation tolerance which is +5,-5 degree which is equal to 0.044444. And its work perfect.

​​​​​​​Have a nice day!