Equal Object node not working properly

The equals node is asking if that actor is … a new actor you’re creating of the same type.

One way to check if an actor is one of that class type, use GetClass, then compare that value to BP_Ipad class.

What you should do is a cast of the actor to the type of actor you’re checking, if it succeeds, then it is that type of object. This will work with children of that class also (which is good).

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1 - There is only one BP_Ipad in my contents

2 - This is a LineTraceByChannel for visibility channel

3 - BP_Ipad actor is spawned within pawn and attached to pawn. Idk if this makes difference

When trace hits, my equal object to BP_Ipad returns false. But hit actor name returns BP_Ipad. Any idea why this happens?