Hi guys!

I’m super confused about EQS, and it’s not a very touched on subject on the net. SOooo I made a post!

I have several questions!

  • Why use EQS?
  • What exactly does it do?
  • Would it be possible to make good AI without it?
  • Should I use it if I’m planning on releasing my game in a year, or is it uncompleted tech?

If anyone could answer these questions, I would be super grateful.

These 2 videos i linked above touch on AI and the Environment Query System from Epic themselves in a LiveStream they did some time ago.

EQS essentially is used to be able to ask questions about the environment around your AI character and perform particular tasks with the data that the EQ returns.

It is an early development system still and not sure if they fully support it yet or if its still experimental but yes its perfectly possible to create great functioning AI without EQS.