EQS traces options to ignore multiple contexts

Hello all!
First of all, I don’t know if this post is more appropriate in the general section or in UE5 section, but I feel it is more of a general question, as right now it looks to be the same in UE5 compared to 4.26.

I’ve been working on AI and noticed that an important option seems to be missing in EQS system.

I need my AI to find a position to see my player pawn. So I create a trace rule from Context Player to be set to “not hit”, it successfully ignores player pawn but denies the current position of my AI since it also blocks Visibility channel and as a result AI does a weird dance between two points.

My goal is to be able to ignore both objects/contexts, but still block trace on other AI (can’t do this with custom trace channels). In trace node in blueprints there is a checkbox for “ignore self” as well as an input that allows to pass a list of actors to ignore which I find very useful for this exact purpose.

Am I missing something? Is there a checkbox that allows to ignore querier or something similar?
Or maybe EQS needs some love in this regard?

Thank you for reading and have a very nice day.