EQS test functionality in Blueprint

First of all let me congratulate to all the team for version 4.11 that is very very good. The improvements on EQS are incredible (Mieszko is a genius), plus all the advancements in the graphics section, it is an astounding version. Now only a thing remains to be done for what it concerns EQS in Blueprint: the possibility to create (simple) tests. Having to go to C++ just to write a couple of lines to add a simple custom check is a little bothersome (and also somewhat irritating if you are a beginner and don’t know the API well). Naturally in case of advanced functionality you would still have to use C++, but I think an option to create simple custom tests (as for example the threat of an actor via stat checking or similar things) should be possible to do without having to use C++.

I guess that Mieszko has done 30 so he can also do 31 :wink: