EQS Sharing Data

Hi there.

I’ve tried a little on using EQS.
I’m trying to get advice on how would one go around to share data in EQS. Are there any recommendations of doing this?

I’ve some questions :

  1. Is there any way to run EQS through normal Blueprint? Ideally I would want to do this so i can store query results to be shared to other AI.

  2. Assuming I want to develop a model of a squad-based system where a squad-brain object does the tactical calculation and pass on the information to the squad members. For example, I would like to recycle things like cover information, flank opportunities. What are the recommendations of doing this? I have some ideas but it isn’t elegant.

  3. A little unrelated , but is there an EQS-based solution on adding bias ( positive/negative ) to an AI’s pathfinding?