EQS Query Params causing ram overflow

learning to use the EQS and was trying to use the Query Params to make it a little more robust. followed instructions I found on another thread; EQS Query Params in Blueprint - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums

attempted the same thing and upon trying to play the window sat frozen mid process and I watched my ram climb to max (32gbs) video processing on the computer crashed, and the computer got stuck ( video in the background kept playing audio once and awhile, but everything was frozen and really really slow, like, the pitch drop was moving faster). rebooted, retested to verify that the setup was causing it, it was, ended task before I got stuck again and ue4 force closed just fine. attached picture is the setup for the Query Param.

Note: I think proper form for setting the parameter is actually QueryParam.NumberOfPoints in my case, but entering that results in a 0 length array being sent.

My current workaround for this is going to be calling a single false run eqsquery and get the length of the result to judge all further actions on during the beginplay event.

So to be clear, the bug I’m reporting is that a wrongly sent parameter name to EQS does not result in any error catching and seems to cause a ram leak.


We’ve recently made a switch to a new bug reporting method using a more structured form. Please visit the link below for more details and report the issue using the new Bug Submission Form. Feel free to continue to use this thread for community discussion around the issue.



Hi! I’m also tried to setup EQS params in Blueprints and got fatal error:[File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\GenericPlatform\GenericPlatformMemory.cpp] [Line: 221] Ran out of memory allocating 24402751296 bytes with alignment 8. Last error msg: The paging file is too small for this operation to complete…

I’m trying to setup Number of Circles and Number of Points in my Donut generator.
Param names in EQS: NumberOfRings and PointsPerRing. Same names in SetNamedParam Nodes in Blueprints.

Any suggestions?

Did anyone find any solution to this issue? The only solution I have found is to create different EQS and based on the Number of points I want I call different EQS, but this gets chaothic quickly