EQS Query Parameters

As you can see from the image below:

There is absolutely no support on this subject anywhere. I have tried several ways to figure this out but have failed to find the correct way.

Question is, does anyone know how to use the Query Parameters feature so that I can pass in different values to my generator so that I can make my Query more versatile? Ultimately I would like to pass a float value from the Run EQS Query node to change the search radius of my generator.



From my attempts about 12 months ago this was only possible in C++ not in blueprints, I am not sure if this has changed by now though

Thanks but as you can tell from the image, they exposed the ability to add parameters to the Run EQS node so I would assume that it’s possible via blueprints. Then again it wouldn’t surprise me any if it was only partially implemented.

It’s still in experimental features though correct? So I don’t know that all of it has been exposed directly to blueprints or maybe the documentation just hasn’t been done

I have pretty much the same issue, I think. In my query I have used parameters to define the min and max distance I would like between my pawn and the enemy pawn. The problem as far as I can tell is that the parameters are just fixed values passed from the behavior tree, whereas I would like use values from keys as the values for the parameters so the character can move closer if attacks are failing. At the moment the nasty hacky workaround I have is I have multiple copies of the same query task on the blackboard , each with different parameters set… I then use decorators to select which one of those query tasks to use :frowning:


It works just fine in BP, you just need to name the parameters in the EQS you create, similar to particle systems.

Thanks for replying DamirH . I’ll have a check tonight to make sure I’m not going blind :slight_smile: which version are you running btw ? I’m on 4.10

rOb :slight_smile:

Hi DamirH, was a long night :wink:

I still can’t see a way of updating the parameter values. I define the parameters and set their values in the behavior tree when calling the EQS query. But I can’t find any way of changing the values dynamically in the behavior tree node calling the EQS query, the so EQS is always called with the same values. Here are a couple of screen shots to illustrate. Essentially I need a way to dynamically set the values in the behavior tree -Run EQS Query - query params.
Big thanks for taking the time to look at this :)]

Yes, the RunEQS leaf node in BT can only accept static parameters. It’s not too hard to code a custom one in C++ though that accepts BlackboardKeySelector values. Not possible in BP though.

Cool, thanks for checking I wasn’t going mad :slight_smile: For now I’ll leave it as it is, until my game is nearer completion and I start moving a lot of the BPs to C++


You can set params via blueprint. Since this is the first result in google, I’ll save anyone else the trouble of looking for the answer: EQS Query Params in Blueprint - UE4 AnswerHub