EQS - Points Grid - Layering generation vertically

Hello , I am trying to generate a grid on the main character which I did with an eqs-context-bp but of course it generates it on one plane.What I am trying to accomplish is to have the grid fill the navigation mesh along with it’s verticallity while covering the whole area instead of only the horizontal plane of the main player . The thing is I cant get to make the eqs system find the nav mesh and if I did I doubt it will fill it vertically too.The closest I came is to create an enviroment query run it on a character instead of a nav mesh and connecting the root with a composite while the composite has 2 arrays-generators one for the main plane the character stands and one for an underground tunnel (pictured below).The thing is for the underground plane I had to adjust the post projection vertical offset to match the ground of the underground which is not auto generated and will require manual adjustment for each leve-map.So my question is :

Is there a way to generate an eqs grid with the navmesh as context and if not is there a way to generate it on a main character while having the grid layered vertically like the pic below without having to adjust it for each elevation .Using the current eqs system of course.

Also there is a great talk for what I m trying to do here at this link around the 40min mark

also a pic of the grid layered vertically