EQS PathExist (Pathfinding check) very very slow (worst case: 18,000 ms)

I use EQS to find cover positions for my AI. However, the PathExist test (check if has a valid path to nodes) often takes very very long. I’ve noticed it on all my other EQS tests as well, it’s often the slowest one, usually averaging around 5ms while everything is around 1ms. I lowered the radius and increased spacing to lower the amount of nodes to test (the values werent crazy before anyways), but still occasionally I’ll get a random stutter from this. Recently I got a really bad stutter where the PathExist test took 18,000 ms. It’s not like I’m running it every frame either, I keep a cooldown of 0.5 seconds for the behavior tree task that runs it, preventing it from getting spammed.

Not sure what it is at this point now, should I add more cheap tests before the pathfinding test to lower the number of nodes to test for?

Anyways, I’ve attached some pictures of my settings of EQS, navigation mesh and nav system. Any advice or suggestions are welcome.