EQS Not showing up in 4.23

no idea whats going on.

tried blueprint class too. why isn’t it showing up? do I need a plugin?

In this old release eqs is a plugin. Activate it through the plugin manager and restart ue4.

whats the name of the plugin though?

I don’t have such an old version installed but I suppose “Environment Query System”.

If it is not there, mayve it wasn’t even available in 4.23.

The documentation for ut starts at 4.26.

Why do you use such an old cersion of ue4?

Because 4.26 and 27 has an issue where there’s no content folder, and I can’t create blueprint classes. I’ve made multiple forum posts about it, and no one has helped me yet. No content folder, 4.26 is quite literally un usable - #2 by DancingRicardo66