EQS Location processing

Hi, I’m making an AI that should run away from you. Some time ago I saw Advanced Ai Setting Live from Unreal Engine Youtube Channel but after I decided to make it using almost only AI Controller so right now I have a Perception Component that searches for players and if it succesfully senses something I check true a blackboard value that enables in the Behaviour Tree an EQS that finds an Hiding Spot for my AI, then I send the vector of my hiding spot back to the AI Controller and I execute Move to Location node there.
The main problem is that my EQS doesn’t find good places where to hide (I’m playing in TPS default map right now), is it really that hard to make an AI to hide succesfully from the player? Am I missing something?Also very old games had an AI able to do this, why it’s that hard to make this in UE4?

Anyway here’s my EQS:



How can you see the AI calculates ,as the best place where to hide from me, the worst place on the top of that small build