EQS generated around other then the querier

Hey there guys

so i have been testing around with the eqs and it is realy powerfull i have already been able to give the ai the power to jump over obstcles and later probably making it jump on higher platforms when needed… but!!!

for now there is something that realy confuses me!!! so i see that you can choose between generating the eqs arounf the querier or the envquery_contextitem and other contexts that we can make deriving from envquery_item and so on and so forth so i have two major problems

1- how can i actualy use the context i have created?!?!!? in eqs i have the choice only to choose where should it generate th query around and thats it!! i tried dragging a context in to the scene but it cant be done and that makes sence but how in the world are we actualy suppoes to use these? so i want to generate a query around the enemy character for example or around all of health packs i supposedly found and scored with another eqs this is stuff that can actualy make eqs realy interesting!! i mean its all good and well around the character but these are realy stuff i want to get into using

2- supposedly you the very generous person who took the time to read my cry for help know the answer to the first problem so we have the context in the scene where we want it to be or the places we want it to be so know i want to generate the query around them how do i give them to another query to generate around them? for example i want to generate the query around all the ledges i have detected the ledges with another eqs for example

thanks alot in advance

any one? doe anyone know how i could get mieszko’s attention? would be really greatful thanks

:confused: bump ??

bump, pls.