EQS for surrounding character?

Hey guys!

I’m working on an EQS test for a minion class I made. These minions move in a nav mesh and dynamically create an obstacle to prevent other AI from walking into those obstacle zones. I’m doing it this way so that when I run an EQS to surround my character, I can do so with a pathing test. I basically want to create a ring around my character with as many minions as I can toss in that would fill up each “point” individually. So def a two front question.

First front is. How do I create an EQS test that will give each and everyone minion on screen a different score.

Second Front: What skeletal Behavior Tree do I need to put together to manage this EQS? or even if it has to go in there? or AI controller or minion itself…

I’m fairly new to trying to set something up on EQS and Navmesh and AI and I gotta train myself but for now I just wanna get a little prototype setup with my minions.

What I currently have setup is: