EQS: Filter on Member Variable of selected ActorsOfClass


is it possible to add a test on an EQS that will filter based on member variables of the chosen Actor? For example I have houses in my map and I want the actor to find the closest house that is not occupied already. Ideally I would make an EQS test that will filter out all houses where a public variable or method “IsFree” equals false.

Currently I need to create a task, run an EQS that will return all the houses ordered by distance and then filter out those that are not free in the Blueprint. Since this seems to be a common scenario, I was thinking if there is a better approach to solve this in the EQS directly?


Still interested in a solution, if anyone knows.

For anyone interested, this can be solved with a custom EQS Generator. Create a new Blueprint and extend *EnvQueryGenerator_BlueprintBase *and override the function DoItemGeneration. Here is an example how I add only those houses to the result set that are free (HasCapacity equals true):