EQS dot test problem or BUG

I think something is wrong, or maybe I don’t know how to set it up.
Don’t should be spheres behind player hidden?

The other tests works.

Filter and Score should hide the spheres, but don’t do it.

Filter Only results

Hey Cesar050782,

Sorry for the delay. I’ve attempted to test this on my end, but I don’t think I was able to recreate your setup exactly, and as such I’m not seeing the same error.

Would you mind zipping up your project and providing me with a download link to Dropbox or Google Drive? You can PM me the link on the forums: https://forums.unrealengine.com/member.php?160394-Sean-Flint


Sorry for the delay. Would you mind providing more information regarding exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with this test?

It could be that I’m misunderstanding your purpose, but there may be a more efficient way to do what you’re looking to do.

Hi Sean. I don’t want the AI choosing the spheres that are behing the player.
I suppossed that DOT test would do that.
Some times the AI choose spheres that to reach that ones have to go towards the player.
I don’t know why the DOT test don’t filter or score visually.
I want the AI running away from the player.

After further investigation, I found a similar tutorial (if this isn’t already the one that you’re working with). I’d highly recommend running through this tutorial and seeing if you are getting the same results as in your current project.


Let me know what the results are after you’ve gone through that Quick Start.


I think I just ran into this same problem. It turns out that my mistake was in the parameters for the “dot” filter. I initially had it set the same way you did, with the line from/to being set to the player and AI, respectively. This calculates whether the enemy is in the player’s field of view currently, meaning it returns the same value for all target points. I actually needed to give it the player context and “item” context instead, measuring whether each target is in the enemy’s FOV.

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