EQS Cone Avoidance System


I am trying to improve the results I get when using AI DetourCrowd by using the EQS.

The idea is to use the newly implemented “cone feature” to emulate the field of vision of each pawn, do a trace for another pawn in the field of vision and then either slow one of them down to avoid collision or have after reading the forward vector of the other pawn walk around it.

However, I am stuck with a few things - beginning with the behavior tree -
This setup apparently doesn’t work like I hoped - meaning the - the MoveTo node is executed until the AI reached it’s goal instead of being aborted - first problem.
The second confusion I have is why i cant get a successful trace on the other pawn - see screenshots below.
What am I doing wrong ?


Looks like this is coding at the edge. Have you solved your task? I’m looking for eqs cone avoidance too but inverse one. To hide from AI sight cone.