EQS/Behavior Tree for turn-based strategy

Hello everybody,

does anybody have any experience in using EQS/Behavior Tree for turn-based strategy games?

The game I am working on is a turn-based strategy with movement within a non-grid 3d battle space (up and down stairs, inclines, obstacles etc.), mostly with normal movement modes (walking, running). The battle system runs on basically two variables: movement range and action points in a turn (to execute attacks).

Questions the AI must answer:

  • What is the best target within range to attack?
  • What is the best position to move to use a ranged attack at target?
  • What is the best position to move to use a area attack at targets?

I’m almost sure that I can run the AI for this outside of the EQS/Behavior trees system but would like to know if there is any advantage in using them that I may not know. I have the impression that (for my specific case) the standard AI systems add a extra layer of complexity that is unneeded but it could just be that I don’t understand EQS/Behavior trees fully.

Any opinions are much appreciated.

Heya, I had the same question, now seeing as this post is 2 years old I assume you had found some solution? Did you manage to develop a turn-based game’s AI with behavior trees? I’m considering starting development of a turn based game as well.

Btw, did this game of yours progress? I’d love to learn more if so, I :heart: turn based games :slight_smile:

Well for anyone else interested, I found this interesting topic on Reddit