EPSILON - Assembling a Rewarding, Engaging, Tactical Shooter (First Screenshots)

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Here are the first in engine (UE4) screenshots released for our new game EPSILON, as well as one of the first concepts (see interview) for our accompanying graphic novel that we are creating! These images show the new team, and our first level, Unipol HQ. More info about the game can be found in the interview below. Thanks for taking a look!

NichGamer Interview:

Hey Terry,

Glad to see the lid being lifted on Epsilon. Cannot wait to see more :smiley:

So how will you differ from the other FPS currently on the market?

Thanks HeadClot! Long time! Are you working in UE4?

We’re focusing on a near futuristic stealth-hybrid (SP/COOP) mission based experience in CQB (non linear) spaces with gadgets and a player directed squad (Cover, Stack Up, Move To, Breach Door, etc). Enemy AI is highly lethal (one shot kills, no respawn) but there is a chance of surrender if you use the non-lethal options to restrain them. There is a pre-mission map planning phase that you can use to set squad waypoints, hack available security cameras, tag enemies in view, etc. The player can alter the plan during gameplay and relocate the squad’s move-to points on the spot, freely command them to move anywhere, or resume the set plan at anytime.

Yep, Probably going to get started by modding your game. Still have allot to learn :slight_smile:

Nice!! I hear ya, we’re learning new things in UE4 each day too. Loving this engine.

Same here :slight_smile:

Cannot wait to see more of your teams project.

More screenshots…planning map! It’s functional, and layout is still very much WIP.

From here, you can plan your team’s route (or command them on the fly in gameplay, or both), see which doors are locked, and choose the location of your remote sniper. In addition, if you click on one of the security camera icons, you can see through it in real time, so you can observe the patrol patterns and locations of enemies. If you tag an enemy through the security system, they will show up in your map view (when in view of a camera).

Very Cool, liking the layout myself looks very clean.

This looks absolutely stunning! It’s reminds me of good old Rainbow Six from back when it was new and you could plan your assaults before mission start. Really looking forward to seeing more!

Wow this looks promising. I’d love to see it in action :slight_smile:

Thanks fellas! :smiley:

Have been on the lookout for Tactical FPS games for a while, this is looking exceptional. Will be keeping an I on this, keep it up :slight_smile:

Mmmm, pre-mission planning. That brings back some fond memories.

More goodies! Press release, PAX, Razer, Interview, New Screenshots :slight_smile:



Serellan announces Squad Based game Epsilon, platform, release window, new contributors, Razer collaboration.

Seattle, Washington – August 21, 2015 – Serellan, LLC, a small independent video game studio staffed with industry veterans who have worked on franchises such as Ghost Recon, Halo, Shadows of Mordor, Mad Max, Killzone, SOCOM, MAG, Need for Speed, SWAT and more; announced today that their Unreal 4 powered squad based stealth action shooter will be released on Steam Early Access this fall.

We are very excited to bring Epsilon to the PC,” said Christian Allen, CEO and Creative Director at Serellan, ”Epsilon focuses on pre-planning, tactics, and gadgets over linear cinematic shoot-em up gameplay.”

Epsilon has been in development for just under a year, but the games art style has grown and evolved since the very beginning of Serellan. “The art team worked together to build a visually vibrant experience for Epsilon,” said Deane McGahan, Serellan’s Lead Artist, “I am happy that we were able to bring that style to Epsilon. We didn’t want to work on yet another green and brown shooter.”

In addition to the core gameplay team, Serellan has brought in some heavy guns from other areas.

Craig Gilmore, an artist with credits from Marvel, DC Comics, Ubisoft, The Walking Dead, Revolution, and more ( will be providing an accompanying graphic novel for the game, which will also serve as the in game cinematics, delving into a storyline heavily inspired by themes in the ongoing crisis in Eastern Europe and the growing sense of Oligarchy in America in connection with groups like the Bilderberg’s. A unique cast of diverse team members, which in a first for a contemporary shooter, contains no Americans, will drive the story forward.

Music will be another strong focus, with Rich Douglas ( scoring an ethnically inspired soundtrack for a unique musical feel. Rich has worked on titles such as Insurgency and Shadowgate, and brings a unique flavor to the audio in the game.

Lastly, Serellan announced a partnership with Razer for their full line of professional gaming hardware, with integration such as the Chroma colors planned.

Previously, Serellan has announced that all Kickstarter backers of their last title, TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre will also be receiving Epsilon for free. Unlike past projects, Serellan is self-publishing Epsilon as a completely independent studio. The price point for Epsilon has yet to be announced, but Christian states, “It will be based on the amount of content launched with the Early Access version, and then adjusted as we work with the community to add more features, content, and gameplay based on their feedback.”

Serellan, which is a disabled veteran owned company, is working with several veteran groups to donate portions of the proceeds from the game to benefit veterans and active-duty military members.

Serellan plans to show initial demos at PAX Prime at the end of August at the Razer booth.












Serellan LLC is a small independent game studio founded by USMC veteran Christian Allen, former Creative Director and Designer of several high profile AAA games by Ubisoft, Bungie, and WB Games. Serellan was founded in 2012 in Seattle, WA.

Contact Information:

PRE-ALPHA Gameplay Teaser :slight_smile:

WOAH! This looks really cool.
Reminds me of the good old school rainbow six, and that is very much a good thing, as there aren’t really any other games that do this kind of planning in game.

Really excited about this one :smiley:

Thanks Otreum! You’re working on some amazing stuff yourself :slight_smile:

Early Access Launched at $7.99