Epic's Unreal Container: does it exist?


Last week, I posted a question on UE4-AnswerHub(1) about downloading the docker image of Unreal Engine following the Unreal documentation (2) but got on answer.

I am wondering if the image actually exist. When I check:

docker pull

I get “manifest unknow”. And when I check GitHub Packages pages for EpicGames

Packages · Epic Games · GitHub

I get “EpicGames can’t publish packages”. So, does the package exists or have I got a permission issue. I don’t have any issue in accessing UnrealEngine’s github repo and I have created a personal token: got documentation step 4, completed successfully.

Has anyone successfully downloaded a Development image or a Runtime Image from Epic? Any suggestion to help me solve the problem?

Thank you.

PS: if this is not a good place to post this question, let me know where to ask it.

(1) Container: pulling prebuilt returns “unknow manifest” - UE4 AnswerHub (

(2) Containers Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation(Containers Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation)

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I also want to use the official docker images and have the same issue. The container repository ‘’ mentioned in the documentation does not exist. According to Github the Epic Games account does not even support the container repository. Hopefully it is just a permission issue Configuring a package's access control and visibility - GitHub Docs

Could someone from Epic comment on this please. Is the container repository real?