Epic's stance on fangames?

I’m interested in Epic’s stance on non-commercial fangames pertaining to their old franchises (think Megagames-old). E.g. if I’d do for example 3D Jill of the Jungle fangame would Epic “pull off Nintendo” and C&D me into the kingdom come if it gets noticed by some large site or they’d take more relaxed stance, like Sega?

Why not do something new and not have to worry about it?

Same reasons people do fanarts or fanfics. I am entirely capable of making something new, in fact I’m doing it right now (not gonna link it since it’s neither Epic nor Unreal-related), just I love certain old Epic’s IPs way too much and want to spread the love by making a fangame, since for that particular franchise Epic not cares so much that they didn’t even put it on GOG.

Epic have no public official policy on fangames and materials. If you’re using Unreal Engine and one of their IPs, and not making any money (from any revenue streams at all), you may be okay - but this is by no means a guarantee and Epic are of course well within their rights to issue a cease and desist order.

I see. Too bad there are no precedents to look at, how did Epic react in cases where fangames got made. That, while not binding, would at least give a clue on how they might react when I’ll make a fangame.

Generally they advise people not to do it.