EpicLauncher.. can't even set a different download/install location

If you run out of diskspace to install something large, you’re screwed it seems…

Even steam lets you set a different drive location for new game installs…

But… you’re able to set different locations:

  • VaultCache in launcher settings
  • location of every Unreal version individually
  • location of every game individually
  • AFAIK in 4.18 you’ll able to set custom location for DDC

Yeah, you’re not able to move current installation of engine or game. Is that what we’re talking here?

I had tried to install Fornite on a hdd that only had 7gb left… the same hdd that the launcher is on…

and it gave an error… so it wouldn’t let me set a different location to install fornite… then I updated the launcher…closed it, and also free’d up 60gb space… then went on the launcher… and when I tried to install fornite… it allowed me to set a different location… i can’t be sure if the update fixed that… or if freeing up 60gb space made it work…
i’m inclined to believe the launcher is still bad

Fortnite is a lot bigger than 7gb… The reason the download is smaller is because it’s compressed and unpacked when installing. You just didn’t have enough space.

Yeah, it’s 16Gb. You also would need about 7-8Gb plus that for updates.