EpicGamesLauncher won't launch

Hello and thanks beforehand,

I already use EpicGames on my desktop for games, but lately I’ve been interested in trying out the Unreal Engine on my notebook. However, after installing the Epic Games Launcher and having it apparently download some files after the installation, the launcher simply won’t start nor display any window.

I’ve tried troubleshooting the issue but all I have now are the DxDiag.txt and the launcher logs in the hopes that someone here can see what’s going on in this situation whereas I didn’t. If you need any extra information, I’ll be glad to provide.

So I went ahead and tried reinstalling the launcher for a second time and just noticed that I had to download 132Mb out of 128Mb for its initial updates… May not be noteworthy, but figured to share anyway.

Regardless, here’s more logs if there’s anyone willing to have a look at them.

Well, I still awaiting and looking up for possible solutions for this and nothing so far, I’m honestly clueless as to why this is happening. Posted more recent logs to the issue and I really hope somebody pitches in anything, that would be most welcome and appreciated.