EpicGamesLauncher Has Stopped Working

[link text][1]Hello. I’m having a problem with starting a launcher. Yesterday I updated it and it refuses to launch (previous versions worked just fine, the problem occured only after the last update). I reinstalled it from scratch and got the same problem. First it goes like this for quite some time


Then like this

Which means “EpicGamesLauncher” has stopped working. I tried troubleshooting in wikia, nothing worked. I’m sending you my dxdiag and debug logs.

Thank you in advance, can’t wait to continue working with your epic engine.

[link text][4]

Solved the problem by uninstalling Win 8.1 and installing Win 7. Dunno what the problem with 8.1 was.

I came upon this error recently, and the only thing that worked for me was deleting my VPN programs, because they may have been blocking unreal from sending out all of its data to load epicgames launcher.