epicgameslauncher crashes often when downloading unrealengine

i was downloading the unreal engine 4.11.2 when the launcher crashed out of nowhere and it’s the 7th time the launcher crashes while downloading. It does not crash when i start the download, it crashes like after 3-5 minutes. I don’t have any backround programs running. The problem is not caused of hardware, because i checked CPU history. I have a quad-core 3.30 GHz intel i5-4590 with 8 GB RAM and a Geforce GTX 960. I download with 350 kbps.

Same here. I have been trying to download UE 4.9 for so many days and because of this crashing issue, I don’t think I will be able to complete this download until and unless they fix this bug. It’s just too annoying. Memory/CPU hog bug followed by frequently crashing issue, I just wonder if they have QA department

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thats bad to hear. I don’t know what changed, but i’m now on a 27% download streak:) (43% in total) and i’m downloading since 7 hours:) 1.7GB left. I believe in you launcher:D… …and in the moment i’m writing it crashes again:(

Same here, having the worst time trying to download 4.12. it’s crashed at least 5x now, and the last time it told me that the download failed -.- it’s a shame, because I only have internet for today, and i was really looking forward to 4.12

When will this bug be fixed? Any idea? I have to keep monitoring the download to download as it crashes a lot

Same Problem here too!

Just curious… Anyone else here have slow internet like unreal vibe too? (And me)
For I download at about 80kbs… And my friend with 3mbs internet downloaded 4.12 just fine. Just curious…

Not sure that is the problem Epic has, but…

It only affects ‘slow’ network connections.

It’s a bug that’s crashing the app so it doesn’t matter if your connection is slow or not. I am downloading it at 800 kbps and it crashes a lot.

Okay , I only got this crash after doing this:Epic Games Technical Support & Customer Service | Epic Games

And I need this fix to download correctly.

Hi folks,

I’m sorry to hear about this Launcher issue. Can you please report the details of this crash to our customer support team at http://help.epicgames.com/customer/portal/emails/new

Be sure to provide details including the crash’s Callstack, what you were doing when the crash occurred, and your hardware/OS information. Our customer support team will collaborate with our Launcher engineers to identify and try to resolve the issue.