EpicGame developers, please install one copy of Unity on your machine

Not a joke.

When watching “The State of Unreal” brodcast, I notice that when there’s one audience asking question regarding if there’s Unity Assetbundle alike function in Unreal, there’s no one on stage actually know what Assetbundle is. What bring me the question that do epic developers ever do research on their major competitor’s engine?

As far as I love UE4, I still think there’s so many areas UE4 can learn from Unity. There’s reasons why Unity become so popular, and why not start learning from it and don’t let ego blind your eyes.

In my opinion, this becomes a double edged sword. If you look at the competition too much and try to copy them you could end up making a clone of the competition … and this is not really something most of us want. However not keeping an eye on the competition could lead you to get tunnel vision.

I think both engines are different and this is good … just like Cry Engine is different to both Unreal Engine and Unity. The engines appeal to different users for different reasons and I don’t think one engine should copy the other just because.

Most times companies watch the competition they loose focus on the goal and end up no longer innovating … it happens all the time in the industry I am in and we have to continuously stop ourselves from watching the competition too much and rather focus on innovating and being the leader in the industry.

Anyway … just my 5c.

There are more indie engines out there apart from U, why should Epic know every single detail about them?
UE4 provides you with more features and tools, so maybe you should direct this question to U forums?

It it’s only for the bundles just use PAK files, they can be streamed from the net without too much effort, there is still room to make them better and easier to use but they are working already. I made a small sample plugin that will help you setting up streaming a PAK file from the net. I’ll update the plugin with my latest changes from a project that I’m working on where I need to stream content from a server.