EpicAdventure - RPG Survival Stealth Action Game

RPG Survival Stealth Action Game
in Development

In ancient times, the True King of 10 kingdoms, the Great Magician created an artifact - the Portal of the fulfillment of wishes. For 100 years, the True King ruled, the lord of the elements and the keeper of Knowledge, using the portal for the common good and created 10 wonders of Idylliem.

After creating miracles, he divided the portal between his best students - the King’s deputies.

Over time, Idylliem fell into decay, old truths were forgotten, and new delusions multiplied. Legend has it that the Chosen One will appear who will unite all kingdoms and herald the return of the True King.


Protogonist fully allows himself to be controlled in order to provide smooth gameplay with an increasing level of difficulty. Non-linear level system for the implementation of the possibility of random events, quests, tasks, puzzles.

Setting & Lore
Classic fantasy with pieces of cyberpunk, providing the possibility of realizing atmospheric locations.


Various combat systems depending on the chosen strategy and equipment - melee, range, magic attacks, dodges, etc.

Character equipment, character inventory and storage, classic RPG characteristics (strength, dexterity, intelligence) and their derivatives (Stamina, Armor, etc.) Quest system and faction reputations in the open world.

Stealth mechanics allowing you to pass levels in different ways.

Simulation of secondary physical characteristics (world temperature, day / night, calendar), affecting the basic ones - morale, inclination, etc.

Quests & Logic
Logically, tasks, puzzles, stories and quest items are united by the main story.

Demo - TBD, Beta - TBD, Release - 2021

This game is being implemented as part of an independent challenge “100 days in the unreal engine - from zero to hero”. If you want to know more follow our social media or follow the Twitch process. Any comments are welcome!

**Social **

solo game dev - day 22 - lore and level ideas for demo build

Day 23 - **Quest + lore+control upd **

Working for Lore Generator and balance formulas. Its important.
Made basic calc and editor with js/css for better visualization
move to Quests system update

Day 24
final lore generator calc with procedural quests, npc, loot and puzzles ))
mouse looking control
adding target system

working for integration all this datatables in game

Days 25-26 Devlog

last few day a work with implementation my tables from game calculator “AmazingDB 3000”
its was not easy, a lot of support for other game’s part - stats, etc

  • update move system - add target, target ui - way to mouse events
  • add tables with dialogues and quests

working for global itemlist for connect to calculator and use in game

**thinks: ** jams its my solution for marketing and up my skills. i must have more activity on itch and similars websites. need made schedule.
not all complite, but i move forward

work in progress - new target system, new AI controller, new animation
now its 3d sidescroller
https://twitter.com/epic_gamedev/status/1365777780991029249 last video with gameplay