Epic.... you are truly Epic!

I am always pushing myself to the limits when coding, always looking to improve everything, I have built small operating systems, compression engines, script languages, game engines and programming languages, but as a 1 man team, developing a complex game is a huge task, and so when I decided to change from my personal engine to UE4, it was the best decision I have made in a very long time, it has so far saved me 80% of my time, now I am able to concentrate on my vision rather than coding… so I just wanted to say thank you Epic devs!

How simple it is to create fantastic looking landscapes, I just love it!

A few screenshots from my WIP



http://www.colinstewart.pw/uploads/work/screenshots/UntitledProject2_ 10_11_2016_06_09_56.png

Glad to hear it. The grass looks really good too.

Thanks, glad you like it, I plan to make further improvements to the grass :slight_smile: