Epic will not have "Bad games" on it's Store!?

After reading this:

How do I know if my game is “a good or a bad” game to be put on the Epic Store?
What does it take to be enough to be a good game?
Thanks in advance for your feedback!

There’s not going to be any hard guidelines, it really just needs to be of reasonable quality and run well. The main stuff they’re trying to avoid is stuff like asset flips (like the people that use the UE4 demos as their game or just repackage Unity game templates) And also to avoid the really poorly made games.

If you can’t tell whether it’s good or bad, it’s probably bad…

I wonder if they’ll change it later in the future. Not that i want them to.

I hope not, it would be nice to keep it to quality content unlike a lot of things that get through steam and really shouldn’t

Steam needed some real competition. I do not care now if Epic is bad (games exclusivity drama) or good (undercuts steam and gives devs more $$), this does not matter, what matters for me that new player in town will make Gabe exercise bit more, this is win win for us as game devs and gamers.

Exactly, competition is healthy and valve got lazy because they had nothing to compete with for so long.

It’ll be interesting to see the new level of insane asset flipping on Steam with all these free assets being offered each month.

That is why currently Steam is worthless for small indies, your game will be drowned in endless sea of ■■■■.

Very much so, but a good number of people don’t seem to understand this and just consider anyone using the Epic store as being greedy and so on :frowning:

Here is a idea Epic could have a Indie section with content moderated by them this would help devs and consumers because they would be assured of buying a proper game that wasn’t just slapped together with assets to make a quick buck.

C’mon, that won’t happen … now, if you excuse me, I’m just fulfilling my quota of creating 25 games per day, all AAA, and I want to put them on Steam before lunch.

They may do it in year or two, currently their launcher cannot handle even such small library as they have now. It puzzles me, that they did not pushed any major updates to it yet. I could undestand when they were starting with this steam competitor idea, but now after few months there should be something already released even as beta launcher.

And separating unreal engine account from unreal games stores is a must.