Epic Vs Apple Thoughts

Verge’s Summary

Kinda wanted to share my thoughts.

So Epic decided to appeal the decision, rightfully so.

Overall, I’m pretty disappointed with the outcome. Apple is forced to do the bare minimum by addressing its illegal anti-steering practices, while Epic was shafted. Epic has to pay Apple 3.5 million for breach of contract, and Apple’s TOS was deemed to be enforceable.

I’m annoyed with Epic because they failed to take a more obvious route: Apple’s App Store is an illegal monopoly on the IPhone because it is only way App’s are allowed to fully function on the device. (i.e the problem is the lack of side loading and force funnel to the App Store ) IPhones are not like game consoles, they are more like general purpose computers. This is an easy argument to make, because 1. Smart Phone Computing Power, 2. High degree of overlap of functions between a computer and the phone. (Banking, Email, Post, Internet, Gaming, and cost.) .

We live in a society where most of us have computers. We can load whatever applications we want without having to go through the manufacturer. The lack of side loading the same problem with the lack of the right to repair and being forced to have to go through Mother Apple to repair or load what you want on your device. Moreover, as IPhones are closer to general purpose computers than to a flip phone, the end user should have the same privilege to load what they want onto their devices.

As the United States vs Microsoft showed, it was illegal (unlawful monopoly) for the manufacturer to restrict what application could be uninstalled by the end user. However, this is more general case of the problem of a manufacturer restricting device usage by the end user. Its about owning your device and being able to make decisions about it.

As such, it Apple should no longer be able to restrict access to board chips, prevent independent repair shops from accessing schematics, use non-standard screws to impede device opening, and prevent side loading.

Apple’s App Store is an illegal monopoly because the manufacturer places restrictions to force end users to use the App Store. Apple controlling both the software and the hardware is the problem.

You may want to tell Microsoft that after trying to Uninstaller edge. Or Phone. Or any other thing you cannot Uninstaller without powershell workarounds.

As for the rest.

  1. did anyone honestly expect any different?

First, the judge is a common idiot. They have no idea of what an app even is, or how they are developed, or the fact that you have to literally jailbreak an iPhone to put non apple things on it 90% of the time.
If the suit had been brought properly, then Apple may actually have been forced to open its sdk to other markets.

Second, if you read the briefs you know that epic knew beforehand how the court would find.

  1. serves epic right.
    They poke at Apple. It’s only fair that Apple blocks any epic made game from running on their phones.
    And at least once they do, then epic may have a monopoly claim.

Pure hypocrisy. Artifically created virtual,digital conflict. Just to be cool? Brand new trend of battle royale genres. Epic Games should be third party. They evolved why it took them so long? CCP,Tencent should never be involved in Fortnite digital updates maybe same for People Can Fly and Epic Games.