@Epic: UDK forums down (please help)


Recently the old UDK forums have gone down and now just showing a 404 error:

Link: UDK Development - Epic Games Forums

These forums have been read-only for some time, however hold a huge wealth of information that many of us (still working on UDK projects) rely on.

Please could you take a look into getting the forum back online?


Hey Coldscooter,

Is this what you’re looking for? Legacy Tools (Unreal Engine 3 / UDK) - Unreal Engine Forums

For some reason Epic’s attempt at an answer reminds me of this scene from the Fifth Element:stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes:

Thanks for the response. That is the newer forum, which has been active for a couple of years now.

The one I am referring to is the original forum, which has the vast majority of UDK development discussions over the last 10+ years. There is a huge amount of information that is no longer available. If you google UDK dev discussion, most links will point to the old forum, which is now 404’ing.

This forum was set to read-only a couple years ago, after a security breach. The information on this forum is hugely valuable to the continued development of my game, and many others still using UDK.

I too need to look up information in the old forum pretty often. Epic, any word on this?

I’m following up on this - the archived UDK forums are supposed to be available still.

Thanks very much, hoping they’ll be back up soon.

They are now back up! :slight_smile: Apologies for the inconvenience. UDK Development - Epic Games Forums

Excellent! Thanks so much for continuing to support those of us still using the legacy tools! :slight_smile:

They’re back online - sorry for the downtime everyone. Feel free to @ or PM me on the Forums if this happens again.

Cheers @VictorLerp! What are Epic’s plans for the old forums longer term? The UE4 wiki was put-to-sleep overnight. So its unrealistic to expect the old UDK forums to stay around forever (seeing how they’re now two generations old). But the thing is, there’s still a lot of gold in ye old forums. Even just ideas about game dev. For example Blade racked up almost ten thousand posts on there. :wink:

If you mean the old, archived, UDK forums there are no plans to remove them - I agree that the information is valuable and don’t want to see it disappear.