Epic team member Question

Hello. I tried using Maya LT,MODO,Cinema 4D and Blender. Maya LT is to limited for my project. And so…I know Epic uses Maya and 3d Max but…Do you support Cinema 4D also (pipeline and plugin wise)? Or am I going to have to use Maya? I’m talking AAA level…I hate blender*…Modo is way to messy in there UI…

Well, I’m not an Epic team member (yet… :stuck_out_tongue: ), but as long as you can output to FBX, it really doesn’t matter which you use. If you can’t export to FBX, then export it to a format that Maya or Blender can open or import, and then just export it as an FBX from there (no modeling in the program, just use it to convert the file to FBX I mean).

I don’t see why that wouldn’t work, but is there any c4d users that can verify?

You should search the forums. I’ve seen a couple of threads on Cinema 4D to UE4 pipeline. I’m not sure what you mean by plug-in support though.

I just want to make user I have the best fit for UE4. Blender has Anima importing and exporting issues, and Maya LT is for hobbiests…They say Indie but its a Lie…Its a 3 year old kid of Maya :stuck_out_tongue: Cinema 4D is SUPER easy to use and is AAA level…Just wanted to know if Epic is going to befriend them as much as AutoDesk…

In reference to importing into Blender just to use the FBX exporter: This isn’t required.

You can download Autodesk’s FBX Converter from their website.

Import the file in and export as an FBX.

The supported import file types are: .3ds (Max), .dae (Collada), .dxf , FBX, OBJ.


We support any format that can export FBX or OBJ. There are limitations with OBJ though with import.

We do no have any plugin’s for CD4. The only plugin we have that is made in-house is the ART tool for Maya specifically. This is because we do our animation within Maya.

If you have any other questions let me know! :slight_smile:



Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for mentioning that! I use 3dsMax so I never had a need for this, but it’s nice to know in case I need it someday.

As far as programs to create AAA results, it’s worth noting that a program will not provide you those results, it still comes down to your skill at creating models, the program is more just what you feel the most comfortable with (controls are a big reason for sure, but most programs allow you to re-map the controls to suit your needs as well). So technically there shouldn’t be a reason why blender (or any others) could not give you these results, it comes down to experience. In order to achieve it you will need a solid understanding of the tools, and a lot of practice. I’m still not to the level I wish I was in 3ds, and have been working on it for 2 years now. In the beginning, all I did watch online video tutorials (and follow along in my program), signed up to Polycount forums and went through as many modeling/texturing “theory” (how normals work, smoothing groups, how various tools can be used in a different way to get interesting results, and many others) as well as study the online documentation, and play around with every tool to figure out how they could save me time when modeling. Animation is more of a new thing for me, so that’s what I am working on now.

I wish you the best of luck with whichever program you use, it’s definitely not easy in the beginning, but stick with it! :slight_smile:

I recommend you to not use C4D -> I had several C4D users that had serious problems which were really hard to solve! (we solved the problems over the time, but it took much longer) :slight_smile: Better go for blender ^^ or 3ds max/maya (there is also a student version available)

It would be helpful if you provided why we shouldn’t use C4D. Everyone has their own preferences and some of us prefer to use C4D for our modelling.

Some problems that guys had which contacted me :slight_smile:

-apex -> exporting process to 3ds max
-rigg creation for the engine
-skinning for apex
-material slots for several materials
-collision (somehow just after some few times importing the mesh + ucx mesh it worked)
-not so many people are using C4D -> when you use 3ds max/maya/blender you have a faster support when you have problems (e.g I knew the solution for the problem, but I had no clue how it would work in C4D -> so they had to try out some stuff before they fixed it)

But thats just the experience that I had :stuck_out_tongue: Everybody has to choose by his own which program fits to him

Thanks guys, And Fighter my friend thanks bro :slight_smile: Ok…Well I have learned enough to start my game…Took me for EVER to learn Textures LOL…But I got that now…I’ll be watching your Animation video’s Later on Fighter :stuck_out_tongue: lol

we use C4D and for the moment we don’t have any problem. :slight_smile: