Epic team, can you share your Facebook plugin with us? :)

Hi guys!
Nowadays Facebook SDK is absolutely mandatory for mobile apps. We can’t even talk to any mobile publisher if there’s no Facebook SDK in our mobile game.
And currently in UE4 we don’t have it. :frowning:

There is one old abandoned plugin on marketplace:…line-subsystem
And another old abandoned plugin on Github: GitHub - PandoraEntertainment/Facebook: A plugin for Unreal Engine 4 that integrates the Facebook SDK.

I suppose you have Facebook SDK integrated in your mobile projects.
Can you pls make it available to regular guys like us?

Totally support this idea, without Facebook SDK it is impossible to talk about publishing mobile apps nowadays. By the way, did anybody manage how to integrate Facebook analytics manually?

P.s just added 2 lines of code as it was mentioned in facebook sdk android guide and packed my project using android studio. Worked fine for me

what guide?

Please do work on mobile more Epic. It feels like you don’t even care what your engine offers for mobile developers. If you only focus on Desktop and Console then let us know.