Epic Store

As we’re moving on with our game, I’ve come to think quite a bit about publishing.

As Steam seems to become a less fiscally viable option today with market saturation, I’ve been thinking about other options. What if Epic were to have an online publishing arm? A properly curated one?

I think this would benefit both indie’s and Epic in multiple ways:

> Firstly, instead of having to seperate royalties between Steam and Epic for a release we’d only have to go via Epic (makes administration much easier).

> Secondly, Epic would get a bigger cut to increase development in many areas (it’s great as is, but more money can’t hurt right)?

> Thirdly, you could sweeten the deal for developers by charging 30% across the board including engine revenue. Epic would still get a much larger cut than they do now, we gain 5% so it’s win win for everyone. On top of that, it may potentially steer even more developers to the engine…

> Lastly, Epic already has quite a few AAA production outfits under it’s belt that would steer people to the “Epic Store” therefore attracting custom, of course including your own great releases.

I think it could be a boon for everyone if done right? Thoughts?