[Epic Store] Thoughts and things that are needed!

As far as the Epic Store goes right now it is not very nice to look at or find stuff it is really herd to even see if something is even this or that kind of game!
What is a deffinite must for the store right now is something like categories and tags or genre to sort it by and find stuff the longer you wait the worse the store will get and more useless unneeded work is to be done!
A think i would like to have would also be a direct showing of if the game is local or online playable and with how many people and maybe also what camera is used scince some trailers dont show gameplay! and many of my friends got a big problem with egoperspective and it ruins their fun!
it would be really nice to see these things on here because all stores sofar dont define these thinks correct and it makes it hard to find the right game!
ofcourse the shopping card or what ever it is called would be also a thing needed right now wich i know isnt really that hard to create…
It would might also make sense to make a direct trailer section in wich a user could wathc a normal trailer and a gameplay trailer afterwards because as i said before it is something many games dont use and if there is a option to show both it would atleast make it easier to decide if you would want the product or not instead of searching the web for something that could already be a shop feature!

these are my thought sofar wich could make this store better than steam and other stores if they are implemented!