Epic Store Feedback

I didnt find any forum or feedback service for the shop so i decided to just put it in here.

In my opinion there are two features i realy miss in the epic store:

  1. Open shop items in new tab. It is neither possible with ctrl + click nor with middle mouseclick. Thats unfortunate, i feel very unmotivated to browse through available games
  2. If you open a shoppage out of the list you will not get back to the position of your bar right before you entered the games’ shoppage. So each time you go back you have to scroll down again. This is a pain.

I think these two features would be a great improvement in quality of life while shoping around.

Yes, these are extremely important for making the launcher usable for browsing the store. While we wait forever for epic to add this I would recommend you use the page in a real browser instead - far better experience: