Epic Space Battle

Hi all

Firstly i would like to thank Epic for Unreal engine 4.

With no no experience computer programming i would never have considered making games until i discovered UE4 and BluePrints. Now i have a AAA concept in progress and many mobile game projects in the pipeline.

As of today I am pleased to announce the release of my first project Epic Space Battle for iOS.

Its been a very steep learning curve for me so if anyone is in a similar situation and in need of any advice that i may be able to give on my experiences so for, contact me, PM me or post here. I’d be more than happy to help.

All of this is still new to me so if anyone would be so kind as to provide any advice and feedback on the website and games i have created it would be very much appreciated.

Press Pack and Download Codes available for Reviewers on Request, please contact me.

Thank you

Alan Webster

Thank You for this free game app for iPhone now I need a iPhone just got off the phone with my bro’s friend who can give me one when he finds his spare 3G iPhone…or I buy a iPhone hehe laters dude and Thank You So Much!!!

I downloaded and played this last night and found it very impressive especially considering you do not have a background in programming. Typically I do not play a lot of mobile games so I found navigating the ship somewhat tricky. However, with a little practice, I started to get the hang of it and even managed to shoot a few ships down.

I suggest adding some screen shots to this thread show off the visuals, particularly of the Main menu and HUD among others. Overall, great work!